Steampunk Specsavers

The Definitive Guide to Steampunk Eyeprotection

The Essentials of Steampunk Eyewear

1. Retro Motorcycle Goggles

Blending historical inspiration with practicality, these goggles are perfect for the modern adventurer, echoing the daring spirit of Victorian explorers and steampunk novel heroes.


Good to Know

Lens: Plastic

Size: One size fits all

Retro Motorcycle Goggles

2. Steampunk LED Glasses

Illuminate your ensemble with these innovative glasses that merge technology with classic steampunk style, perfect for both daytime flair and night time brilliance.


Good to Know

Material: Plastic

Size: 18cmx6cm

Steampunk LED Glasses

3. Frameless Futuristic Sunglasses

A sleek, modern take on steampunk style, perfect for sunny afternoons or casual outings, these sunglasses blend futuristic design with a nod to the past.


Good to Know

Material: Polycarbonate

Frameless Futuristic Sunglasses

4. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Chic and stylish, these sunglasses add a touch of elegance to any steampunk outfit, inspired by the sophisticated fashion of the Victorian era and the boldness of steampunk fiction.


Good to Know

Material: Polycarbonate

Cat Eye Sunglasses

5. Cyberpunk Fashion Sunglasses

Stand out with these bold, futuristic sunglasses that pay homage to steampunk roots while embracing the edge of cyberpunk aesthetics, perfect for the avant-garde enthusiast.


Good to Know

Material: Polycarbonate

Features: UV Proof

Cyberpunk Fashion Sunglasses

6. Retro Steampunk Goggles

A classic choice for any steampunk enthusiast, these goggles are as functional as they are fashionable, embodying the spirit of invention and exploration at the heart of steampunk culture.


Good to Know

Lens Material: Acrylic

Lens Width: 5.5cm

Lens Height: 6cm

Frame Material: Plastic

Retro Steampunk Goggles


Steampunk eyeprotection is more than just a functional accessory; it's a vibrant expression of individuality, creativity, and a nod to the inventiveness that defines the steampunk movement. Whether you're accessorizing for a full steampunk ensemble or adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday wear, our collection offers something for every aficionado of the genre. Explore the full range and find the perfect piece to complete your look, and dive into the world where fashion meets fiction, history meets imagination, and every accessory tells a story. Please check out more of our eyewear

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